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The Real Housewives of Cheshire - Season 13 Episode 10

Rich glamorous powerful and well preserved housewives allow cameras into their lives to show viewers their lives warts and all. A new instalment of the popular series from Cheshire UK. Dawn...

Genre: Reality

Actor: Dawn Ward , Lauren Simon , Tanya Bardsley

Director: Scott Dunlop

Country: UK

Episode: 10/130 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 4.4

Season 1 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"Meet The Real Housewives of Cheshire and take a sneak peek into the homes, the families and the fabulous lifestyles of Cheshire\u2019s most glamorous residents. As one of the biggest nights in the social calendar approaches, it\u2019s a whirlwind of cryotherapy treatments, panicked last minute dress fittings, facials, pedicures and big misunderstandings over tickets as the Housewives prepare to attend Dawn Ward\u2019s Cr\u00e8me De la Cr\u00e8me Charity Ball."
"As the dust settles on Dawn\u2019s epic charity ball, Ampika, Tanya and Leanne hit the gym for a high energy boxing workout. Momager Dawn has some harsh words for her talented daughters and Cheshire NBFs Magali and Lauren bond over morning champers. Ampika throws an intimate dinner party for the Housewives and has a bombshell to drop over dinner. Snobbery jibes fly between Tanya and Lauren, while Dawn falls foul of some of her closest allies."
"Ampika\u2019s dinner party revelations are the talk of the town. Dawn has to deal with some real life issues, while Tanya and Leanne enjoy some crystal healing therapy."
"One of the housewives has a pregnancy scare."
"Tanya attempts to play peacemaker as she organises a lunch for Leanne and Magali to clear the air. The girls enjoy a relaxing a spa break at the luxury Cheshire castle."
"The girls visit Peckforton Castle to take part in some outdoor pursuits. Lauren flies off to Arizona with husband Paul and she is gossiped about why she is away."
"Leanne throws a party for her daughter whilst Lauren throws a party for the newest addition to her family, Sweetie The Rabbit. Ampika has to deal with some distressing family news whilst Dawn has a big announcement to make to the others."
Season 2 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"Reality series. Has Ampika been badmouthing Tanya? Reports of an incident on a train have Dawn and Magali at loggerheads. Lauren and Leanne bond over a spa treatment."
"Magali goes with a newly single Ampika on a makeover shopping trip. Tanya manages to get to the bottom of the cheating rumours."
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Season 3 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"After causing quite a stir in Cheshire, Miss\u00e9 is shocked to hear the comments Dawn made about her. Lauren opens up to Ampika about her marriage and Leanne pushes Dawn for an apology. Stacey hosts a glamorous dinner party for all the Housewives. Will everyone get along or will someone be eating humble pie by the end of the night\u2026?"
"There are tears, tantrums and frayed tempers in Cheshire. Lauren heads off on holiday without Paul, as Ampika's feelings for her ex grow stronger. Tanya turns to pregnancy yoga while the other girls get their groove on at a diva dance class. Dawn attempts to clear the air with Miss\u00e9 but comes to blows with bestie Leanne on a night out with the girls.."
"The fallout from Dawn and Leanne\u2019s row continues with Dawn and Tanya questioning Leanne\u2019s motives. Miss\u00e9 throws a glamorous cocktail party where Seema has a surprise for some of the girls, but not others. And the battle for the Queen Bee crown heats up as Dawn and Stacey go head to head."
"Leanne hosts a glamorous Studio 54 birthday party where Ampika\u2019s lack of outfit really turns heads and gets tongues wagging. Lauren kick starts her career and newly found independence, but has a huge bombshell to drop at the end of the night."
"Seema takes her latest collection to Paris Fashion Week with Tanya, Miss\u00e9 and Stacey, who all say \u2018oh la la\u2019 when a couple of unexpected guests crash the fashion show. Miss\u00e9\u2019s mistrust of Ampika comes to a head with an almighty row, and back in Cheshire Lauren seeks guidance from her psychic about her marriage troubles. Meanwhile Dawn is convinced that Ampika is plotting to turn best friend Leanne against her."
"The girls take Paris by storm, with Miss\u00e9 and Ampika attempting to move on after their clash at Seema\u2019s Paris fashion show, but will it last? Stacey owns up to having a wild past and Ampika expresses her true feelings for ex-husband Mark at a very emotional dinner in the Seine. Back in Cheshire Lauren gets naked for a portrait painting session and Dawn spends some quality time with her girls."
"Tanya has a scan to find out the sex of her baby and reveals the news to the women in typical Bardsley style, while Dawn clashes with Leanne for going away without her."
"Ampika drives a wedge between Dawn and Leanne, Stacey is furious with Misse after a makeover disaster and Tanya storms out of a shampoo launch event."
"There is trouble brewing on the eve of Taylor Ward's 18th birthday party and Dawn and Ampika come face to face for a dramatic final showdown."
Season 4 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"Ampika offers an olive branch to Tanya. Stacey hosts a graduation garden party for her daughter.\u00a0Leanne throws a jungle-themed baby shower for Tanya."
"Whining and Dining"
"Tanya arrives home with Baby Ralphi and a visit from godmothers-to-be Dawn and Leanne. The Housewives jet off to Barcelona for Miss\u00e9's 30th Birthday, where she confides in Dawn about her ongoing marriage problems. Ampika has a heart to heart with Leanne about trouble in her love life and questions Miss\u00e9's motives for inviting her on the trip"
"The Housewives continue their glamorous trip to Barcelona with more shock revelations and tears. Miss\u00e9 is annoyed to hear that Ampika has doubted her invitation, while Ampika opens up to Lauren and Leanne about her secret love life. At a very tearful final dinner, Miss\u00e9 reveals her marriage heartbreak to the entire group."
"Miss\u00e9 is heartbroken as news of her separation hits the newspapers. Ampika takes Leanne and Stacey on a spiritual journey and is shocked to hear what Dawn said about her in Barcelona. Lauren hosts a glamorous perfume launch party where Miss\u00e9 and Ampika attempt to clear the air."
"It's the day of Dawn's grand opening and Ashley jets off to Monaco \u2013 will the clinic be ready in time? Taylor reveals her split with Sam Reece to mum Dawn. Lauren hears what Seema and Stacey said about her perfume launch and isn't happy. Ampika signs up to find love with a megabucks dating agency and makes a very special surprise entrance at Dawn's party\u2026"
"Bollywood comes to Cheshire as Seema hosts a 45th birthday extravaganza. Post-birth Tanya has an extreme beauty treatment, vaginal tightening. Lauren is fuming that Seema criticised her perfume launch and wants to have it out with her face to face. Tanya gets her sari in a twist over Stacey, resulting in an explosive argument at Seema's party. This is one Bollywood movie you won't forget! Hold on to your Rickshaw cos the Bindis are flying!!"
"No description"
Season 5 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"Return of the reality show following the lives of a group of women residing in one of the UK's most affluent areas, with a new face joining the regulars."
"Seema and Stacey invite the women to celebrate their new business, but the night ends in high drama, tears and smashed champagne glasses."
"Dawn is shocked at Leanne's recent outburst. Lauren shoots a glamorous commercial for her perfume. Stacey reveals her latest art exhibit. There is major drama as the ladies gather for dinner, with tension brewing around the table and insults flying between Misse and Ampika."
"Dawn and Leanne's feud makes the newspapers, while there is a surprise in store for the women and talk of wedding bells at Warford Hall."
"Lauren has some friendly advice for Dawn. Ampika takes Ester for a very awkward spa day. Sam Reece makes a surprise appearance at Seema\u2019s work. Leanne hosts a four-legged charity event \u2013 but will everyone be welcome?"
"The housewives jet off to Dubai, but will they have a relaxing break away from all the dramas in Cheshire or will there be tears, tantrums and big surprises in the sunshine?"
"Nick and Royston prepare for their big day as they renew their vows at Warford Hall, but will everyone attend? Ester comes clean about her secret double life and shares some big revelations with the ladies."
"The ladies gather for Leanne\u2019s swimwear launch. Meanwhile, there is fallout from Ester\u2019s big revelation, and Dawn is on the warpath with Lauren."
"Tanya hosts a midsummer party to celebrate the launch of her new boutique, but Ester falls out with Ampika, Seema and Stacey, and there is a showdown between Leanne and Dawn."
"Brian Dowling goes behind the scenes to meet women in their homes to find out what really goes on behind the closed doors of the reality show."
Season 6 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"There are two fresh faces as the reality show returns. Tanya faces a dilemma, Dawn's family have a big decision to make and Ester bounces back with a revelation."
"The ladies make a splash as they attend a pool party in Cheshire. Stacey's confession forces Tanya to face her fears. Ester's loyalties are tested, leaving her to question her friendship with Dawn."
"The guest list for Dawn's blessing is confirmed, but who is invited? Ester attempts to heal old wounds. Nermina hosts a party to remember."
"Can a glamorous trip to Gibraltar help the ladies build some bridges or will it all end in tears? Lauren\u2019s loyalties are tested. Ester gets too close for comfort with twins Rachel and Katie. Tanya is shocked by an unexpected revelation, but will she be able to get some answers?"
Season 7 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"The ladies are back and a surprise birthday party brings all the girls together again.\n\nWill Stacey and Tanya resolve their differences elegantly? Have Ester and Nermina truly moved on after their moment of madness?\n\nMeanwhile Tanya considers the implications of having another baby whilst Rachel contemplates Cheshire\u2019s latest fashion accessory \u2013 a mid-life crisis."
"An unexpected phone call from Stacey and Seema turns Ester's world upside down. Meanwhile Lauren's facelift breaks the \u2018no strings attached' rule, Tanya goes to war at an explosive dinner party and Rachel's twin sister Katie arrives with some devastating news."
"After the explosive discovery of Seema and Stacey's voicemail, battle lines are being drawn. Tanya and Ester try to build bridges, whilst Rachel risks blowing them up when she takes Dawn to task. Tanya takes Project Baby Girl to the next level, but can she convince Phil to get on board? And, as the ladies experience hot Latin dancing and gay bars, Stacey and Tanya try to put their disagreements to bed."
"While Dawn calls on Nermina for some catwalk tips, Lauren uses her perfume range to reveal her new face and Rachel has an uncomfortable surprise in store for John. And at a spooky psychic night Ester hears a shocking secret which spells trouble for all the girls."
"It's time for the Ward girls to strut their stuff at London Fashion Week under the proud eyes of Nermina and Dawn. Rachel holds her twin Katie's hand as she faces her toughest day yet. There's a new face around Cheshire which gets Ester very excited, and Nick and Royston throw one of the most opulent parties Cheshire has ever seen."
"Tanya celebrates a department store launch, while Seema plans a celebration of her own. Rachel tries to heal the group's differences, leading to a confrontation with an emboldened Nermina."
"It's a hen party for Seema to remember as she takes the girls to Marrakech. Nermina ruffles feathers at Lauren's birthday party, and Tanya might live to regret her decision to make the girls wear their wedding dresses for Seema's hen do."
"There's more fun and frolics in Marrakech as Seema and Sandeep celebrate 25 years of marriage, but the day doesn't go without a hitch. Lauren's trip takes another turn for the worse, and Dawn finds herself in the thick of it. Having just arrived, Christine finds herself in hot water with Stacey."
"In the aftermath of Marrakech, Seema is still reeling from Lauren and Dawn's walk out from her wedding party. While Lauren is adamant that Seema is not understanding her situation, Dawn decides to make amends. It's mixed emotions for Tanya as Gabby hits her 16th birthday, and Nermina vows to speak her mind to Lauren at Stacey's tasting launch for her new cookbook"
"Dawn hosts Warford Hall's Pride Festival, while Stacey and Seema are accused of stirring up trouble on the internet and Rachel and Lauren fall out in between bouncy castle rides."
"The Housewives are back for their most explosive reunion yet. Get ready for fireworks as Brian Dowling bravely gets all the gossip from the glamorous ladies."
Season 8 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"The Housewives are back and Cheshire is on fire, literally! Rachel\u2019s trust in husband John is dented when she discovers he\u2019s been living a secret life. Tanya\u2019s on the move after disaster strikes, whilst Dawn struggles with some difficult family news and new housewife Perla finds herself in a sticky situation."
"It\u2019s Dawn\u2019s 45th birthday and Cheshire is in full on party mode. Rachel is reeling from the shock of John\u2019s secret yoga classes with Perla. Ester finds herself in the firing line for some typically outrageous behaviour. After the fire, Tanya moves into a new house, and the fireworks go off in style at Warford Hall."
"The fallout from Dawn\u2019s explosive birthday celebrations causes ruptures in Cheshire and Rachel questions her friendship with Ester."
"Whilst Rachel and Perla finally bury the hatchet, Hanna realises that an uneasy truce could be coming to an end. Could there be trouble for Dawn and Tanya once more?"
"The divide between Dawn, Rachel and Tanya grows even further as Hanna\u2019s intentions are questioned more and more. Ester and Zdenka go in search of the perfect face whilst the ladies join Nermina for some horsing around."
"Hanna\u2019s well voiced observations have blown the fissures in Cheshire society wide open. Rachel and Dawn\u2019s friendship is on the rocks, and the future for Dawn and Tanya looks even more bleak. Meanwhile Seema continues preparations for her dancing competition, Ashley\u2019s mum and dad move into Warford Hall, and could romance finally be on the cards for Lauren?"
"Dawn\u2019s dramatic blowout has left Cheshire in turmoil. She remains unrepentant, but the ladies begin to wonder if her behaviour is symptomatic of deeper problems. In a bid to lighten the mood, Ester invites the gang on a city break in Palma. Can bridges be built or will it simply lead to more problems for Tanya, Rachel and Dawn."
"Rachel\u2019s daughter Cheski turns 21 and Cheshire is ready to party. Ester\u2019s best intentions raise eyebrows, while Lauren\u2019s dog contributes to the interior design at Warford Hall. Meanwhile, Seema\u2019s revelations spell trouble for Tanya and Perla."
"The competition hots up as Seema\u2019s charity dance competition gets underway. Tensions between Dawn and Rachel run high once more, whilst Tanya finds herself torn\u2026"
"Brian Dowling is joined by The Real Housewives of Cheshire as they dig deep into the highs and lows of the latest dramatic season. Can the ladies put their differences aside or are old feuds likely to be reignited?"
Season 9 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"Dawn throws open the doors to Warford Hall and welcomes a VIP lodger \u2013 but has she taken on too much and how will the ladies react"
"Ester has a saucy new career to focus on, while Rachel throws herself into charity work to avoid the issues she's having at home. Elsewhere, things get no better between Dawn and Tanya, and their feud leaves Hanna with plenty to ponder."
"After the shock of seeing Hanna and Dawn fall out, Seema is on a mission to bring the women back together - with a dinner party."
"As the disastrous dinner party continues, Dawn opens her heart to Tanya, but questions Hanna's behaviour, while Rachel and Ester struggle to move on."
"Dawn returns to Cheshire with devastating news and also has the stress of a business launch, while Perla has a shocking revelation about Hanna."
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"The trip to Dubai draws to a close. Dawn does not understand Seema's decision to keep Perla's story to herself, and a a late-night disagreement gets out of hand."
"Hanna struggles to understand why everyone is questioning her version of events, while Tanya hosts a Positivity Party to try to bring everyone back together."
"Hanna is back under Dawn\u2019s wing but at whose expense? And is Rachel really to blame for all the recent drama, or has she been framed?"
Season 10 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"As summer breaks over Cheshire, the Housewives attempt to repair the rifts. Tanya harnesses all the positivity she can muster and Hanna counts down the days to her dream wedding."
"As Leilani gets to know the inner workings of the Golden Triangle, the ladies react to Ester's big news, and Dawn's world is rocked by an unexpected revelation."
"After Seema's tumultuous dinner party, Leilani has a revelation for the girls, Dawn struggles to keep a secret and Rachel faces her fears."
"After battle lines were drawn at the polo, Dawn's furious with Leilani, Ester prepares for her dream photo-shoot and Rachel makes a life changing decision."
"Series 10 - Episode 5 - The Housewives are abuzz as they all prepare for the party of the summer, fetish themed event in celebration of Nick's 60th birthday. Not everyone is excited though, as Hanna struggles with the sauciness."
"The ladies head to the Czech Republic to celebrate Ester's appearance in Playboy, but will it help or hinder after Leilani's spat with Dawn and Rachel?"
"As copies of Playboy hit the Czech news stands, Ester turns her attention to hosting Hanna's hen do. But who is and who isn't on the guest list?"
"The ladies react to news of Michael and Darby's engagement, but the Darby decides to set some boundaries."
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Season 11 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
"No description"
Season 12 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
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Season 13 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
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Season 14 - The Real Housewives of Cheshire
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